Research Interests

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As an Spectrum Scholar, I am determined to serve the needs of diverse communities and intend to travel both domestically and abroad to acquire a greater worldview and perspective about the people we serve around the world as librarians. I am very interested in initializing social justice endeavors at my institutions to make individuals aware of the meaning of privilege, especially in light of recent events.

My interest in educating youths and young adults has also led me to specialize in K-12 librarianship. Particularly, I am fascinated with instructional technology and, more specifically, video game learning. Through various projects, I have examined the educational benefits of video games to encourage more libraries to include video games or electronic resources as part of their collections.

In the past, I have collaborated with a group of other library and information science students in planning a symposium focused around library and information science education. Thus, my interest in the education of future librarians and information professionals has become forefront. I plan to continue to voice input in this area, especially as it pertains to the education of librarians since I hope to mentor and offer practica, student teaching, and volunteer opportunities to such students.

At some point in the near future, I am interested in pursuing a Ph.D, ideally in the field of education, to study and research one of these topics in greater detail.

Selected Presentations

“Teaching Scratch: Musings of My First Classroom Teaching Experience,” Oral Presentation, Champaign Unit 4 Technology Conference, Aug. 8, 2015

“Conversation Starter: What do LIS Students Really Think About Their Education?” Oral Presentation, ALA Annual Conference, June 29, 2015

“Machines, Minds, and Matter in the Information Age: How Conceptualizing Information in Video Games, Educational Disparities, and Quantum Physics Leads to New Openings in Collaborative Research,” Oral Presentation, Illinois Summer Research Symposium, July 26, 2013

“Information and Cognition: The Case for Video Games in Libraries,” Poster Presentation, Illinois Summer Research Symposium, July 25, 2013